Most Significant Futures Works 2019 Award Winners

The 2019 Most Significant Futures Works (MSFW) Awards were announced by APF's Chair, at the APF ProDev Reception, September 9th, in Mexico City.

Works have been nominated in three categories:

Category 1 Advance the methodology and practice of foresight and futures studies;

Category 2 Analyze a significant future issue; and

Category 3 Illuminate the future through literacy or artistic works.


Towards Personalized Gastronomy 2050 has been awarded in the Category 2: Analyze a significant future issueEstefania Simon-Sasyk & Daniel Riveong, Report, 2019, Basque Culinary Center. 

In recent years, there have been a number of projects and reports on the future of food in various shapes and forms. Few, if any, have focused on gastronomy, which is a more holistic approach to understanding what and how we eat. As one of the foundational projects of the Basque Culinary Center, Project Gastronomía is an initiative that addresses the food system challenges of the future through gastronomy in ways that are humanistic, sustainable, healthy, and delicious. The "Towards Personalized Gastronomy 2050" breaks new ground in exploring the futures of a familiar topic in novel and lively ways. Building on workshops and research, the report looks at how the rise of personalized gastronomy will shift views of health, our bodies, and food itself. In addition to outlining the outcomes of a foresight game centered on generating insights from top chefs, researchers, and scientists, the report poses a series of “what if’s” aimed at illuminating potential transformations in what and how we eat. In addition to focusing on Basque country, with its culinary mecca of San Sebastián, the report raises global-scale ethical questions surrounding how new technologies can and might shift our relationship with food. Ultimately, Project Gastronomía, which is encapsulated by the "Towards Personalized Gastronomy 2050" report, showcases how the Basque Culinary Center has institutionalized foresight as part of its research and consulting activities.